You’re itching to get out on the water this summer, aren’t you? So are we! That is why Rinker Boats is excited to announce our summer boating events, planned with Rinker boat owners in mind.

We know you work hard so you can play hard. We also know you love exploring new waters and navigating your own paths. So why not play hard and explore on beautiful bodies of water in the US? We have created Travel Guides for you to make your summer vacation planning less of a headache. All you have to do is bring your boat, your family, and yourself.

What happens at an Explore With Rinker event?

It’s simple. Come hang out and boat with Rinker. We’ll be at three different locations this summer, and we’re inviting you to join us. Spend as long as you’d like on the lakes, and we’d love it if you stop by and meet us. Rinker will be there with activities, new 2020 boats to show off, and we want to shake your hand while you’re there. Explore the lakes, enjoy siesta style snoozing, raft up with other Rinker owners, and spend quality time with your friends and family. This vacation is all yours.

Where will the Explore With Rinker events be?

There are three different Explore With Rinker events. See map below.

Please register for these events!

When you register, you enter a drawing to win a Rinker gift package!

Lake of the Ozarks Registration | Chesapeake Bay Registration

Where do I launch my boat and where can I keep it overnight if I’m not planning to sleep on-board?

You will be able to find boat launch and mooring location information in each Travel Guide. There is also contact information in the Travel Guides if you have any further questions.

What if I’m not familiar with the area and I want to go out to check out the best places on the lake or go out to eat?

The Travel Guides we’ve created for you recommend local attractions, restaurants, and lodging for each location.

See you on the water!