Lake Games for Adults

There are plenty of lake activities and games that are made for children, but what about adults? We have compiled a list of fun things adults can do at the lake that don’t revolve around just beer pong.

Wave Runner

Reminiscent of your rock skipping days, the Skidder floats across water, making for a fun game of catch. 

Buy it here for $6.99

Scrabble Main

Swimming Pool Scrabble

Grab a sharpie and a BUNCH of sponges to create with inexpensive DIY game


Floating Ping Pong

Throw it in the water and let it float around the lake with you.

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Sink the Biz

An old game made famous by Bloomington bar, Nick’s English Hut, all you need is a cup and a bucket.

Read the rules here and sub the beer for water so when it sinks into the lake, it doesn’t matter! A great game for the sandbar!


Lake Jenga

Cut up a bunch of old pool noodles to create your own jenga pieces and put them on top of a raft so they can float on the lake with you.

What are your favorite lake games?