Q: Where can I find pricing for a new Rinker Boat?

A: Go to Rinker Boats’ Boat Builder page to design your boat and see MSRP pricing online. You can also contact your local authorized Rinker dealer to discuss pricing options.

Q: Can I buy my Rinker boat directly from you?

A: No, Rinker boats are sold direct to our dealer network, who is in turn able to sell you a Rinker boat. We recommend working with the dealer that is nearest to where you do your boating, as they will be the dealer to provide any service needs that you may have. Visit Find A Dealer to find your local Rinker dealer.

Q: How can I find my nearest Rinker Dealer?

A: Visit our Dealer Locator to find your local dealer.

Q: Do you have Rinker brochures/catalogs available?

A: Go to our Catalog and Manuals page to download the most recent Product Catalog.

Q: Is there a Rinker owner’s club that I can join to talk about our boats?

A: It’s your lucky day! There are multiple ways you can get plugged in. There is a Rinker Owner’s Club Forum and also a Rinker Boat Owners Facebook Page.

Q: Is Rinker Boats on social media so I can keep up with your events and products?

A: Yes! You can connect with Rinker Boats on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Q: Does Rinker Boats participate in boat shows? If so, which ones?

A: Yes, we love being at Boat Shows. Once boat show season rolls around in the fall, you can visit our Events Page or keep an eye on the Rinker Facebook Events page to see which shows we’ll be at.

Q: Is Rinker Boats hiring?

A: Go to our Career Opportunities page and check the box beside “Syracuse” to view the available career positions.

Q: Where do I obtain an owner’s manual for my Rinker Boat?

A: Go to our Catalog and Manuals page to download an owner’s manual. Rinker Boats does not have model-specific owner’s manuals, but model-specific brochures are available upon request.

Q: Where can I find the serial number on my Rinker Boat?

A: The serial number is located on the starboard side on the stern of the boat. It will either be imprinted in the fiberglass or on a metal tag.

Q: How can I order parts & accessories?

A: Visit our Contact Page and fill out the Parts & Customer Service Form. The Rinker Boats in-house Parts Department will then reach out to you once your ticket is submitted. To visit our Parts Store, click here.

Q: How do I properly winterize my Rinker boat?

A: It is best to visit your local marina for winterization. There are multiple ways to winterize the boats. Different engines and models have different drain plugs, some will have water heaters, etc. There are many variables.

Q: Who do I contact for help trouble shooting technical issues with my Rinker Boat?

A: Please contact your local authorized Rinker dealer for technical help.

Q: What kind of warranty does Rinker Boats offer?

A: Rinker boats purchased after January 1, 2019 have the new 5 Year Bow to Stern Limited Warranty.

Q: How do I file a warranty claim?

A: Warranty claims are filed through authorized Rinker dealers.

Q: Does the warranty on my Rinker boat transfer?

A: If the boat’s original owner purchased it on or after January 1, 2019, we offer a 5 Year Bow to Stern Limited Warranty. This Limited Warranty is transferable to the second owner if the boat is sold within five years of the original purchase date. This will not exceed the five years starting when the first owner purchased the boat. Completion of a warranty transfer is required through an authorized Rinker dealer.