Boat Safety for Your Furry Four Legged Friend

While picturing yourself out on your Rinker, most probably also imagine their beloved pet sitting at the front of the bow, enjoying the wind and waves. Though most dogs love the water, it is especially important that you and your family are taking care of your four legged first mate.

Here are some simple steps to ensure their safety:


Invest in a Life Jacket Made for Dogs

Like people, different kinds of dogs have different ranges of swimming skills. So before you let them into the water, be sure to invest in a life jacket to help ensure their safety.

Top rated jackets include the Ruffwear K9 Float Coat (available on Amazon for $79.95) and the Outward Hound Life Jacket (starting out at $19.99)


Start Swim Lessons

As mentioned, each breed of dog has a certain level of comfort with the water. To get you and your dog at ease, start teaching them about water while they are young. Begin by getting their feet wet on the beach, then put on their life vest and slowly build their confidence by going out further and further into the water until they seem comfortable with their doggy paddle.

It is also important to teach them not to drink the water. Without knowing what contaminants are lurking in the lake, consider it a hazard and a no-no for the pup.


Keep the First Outing Short

Just because your pet feels safe in the water, does not mean they will enjoy the sometimes bumpy ride on the boat. The first time you take them for a ride, be sure to go slow and only stay out for a short period of time, as to not overwhelm them.

While driving, always know where your dog is and keep them in mind before taking on rough waters or making fast stops.


Stay Hydrated and in the Shade

Be sure to bring a bowl and plenty of water for your four-legged friend, as your dog runs the risk of getting dangerously overheated. Consider stocking up at the beginning of boat season with this pack of collapsible bowls.

Also, apply SPF 15 sunscreen to keep them safe from a burn and create a shaded area for them to rest on the boat.


Check Local Laws About Pets on Boats

Finally, before hitting the waves, be sure there are no restrictions to having your dog aboard. Though there are no national laws regarding this matter, laws do differ from state to state and internationally.




* Please note, Rinker is not responsible for your dog’s safety and can not be held liable for anything pertaining to your pet’s wellbeing, including the tips in this blog. Always keep an eye on pet’s while near the water and be considerate to each animal’s level of comfort around water. *