In the 1930s dairy farmer Lossie “L. E.” Rinker started building fishing and racing boats out of his workshop on the White River in Indiana. Following the Korean War, L.E.’s sons, John and Jan, joined him in establishing Rinkerbuilt in Syracuse, Indiana.

From that point on, Rinker has stood at the forefront of American boating, bringing innovations to the market, such as fiberglass construction and tri-hulls, long before most of their competition. In the 1960s, Rinker saw the demand for their product expand internationally and come the 1980s Rinker expanded into express cruisers and increased the power behind the then entitled “Captiva” line.

Today the Rinker heritage is one that brings pride, not just to boat owners, but to the company’s employees and officers—constantly mindful of the hard work and passion it takes to create boats worth owning.