The Rinker name has always stood for a dedication to giving more than expected.  In a continuation of that legacy, Rinker pairs with two of the world’s best marine engine manufacturers, VOLVO PENTA and Mercury Marine, to bring world-class powertrains and performance to our brand.

Now you can feel the difference in every Rinker, both in power and fuel efficiency. This is because of new marine innovations such as variable valve timing, rear-facing throttle bodies, direct injection, electronic throttle control, aluminum engine blocks and freshwater cooling.  Rinker is also bringing forward drive to select models, bringing forth a new level of handling and a driver-oriented experience.

Now you and yours can experience the exhilarating Rinker power and enjoy it longer through more efficient platforms.  It’s the best of both worlds, proudly brought to you by Rinker.


Check out what Boating Magazine has to say about the performance of the Rinker Q3OB in this video guide.

Rinker performance Volvo Penta engine
Rinker Performance Mercury Marine engine