2016 Rinker Open House


Thank you to the countless dealers and Rinker enthusiasts who were able to experience in-person the 80+ changes we have incorporated into the 2017 model line!


(pictured: QX 19, QX26, MTX22 Extreme, QX23 CC, QX23 BR)


(pictured: QX29, EX370)


From July 15 to August 15, dealers spanning from Russia to California got to experience the true meaning of the Rinker Value. Our campus was buzzing with excitement as attendees were given the chance to appreciate everything from the comfortable all new interiors of QX26 that will be featured on the October cover of Boating Magazine, to the powerful new technology incorporated into all of the models.

Blessed with clear blue skies, several of our newest models got the chance to take a dip in the water, which gave dealers the chance to understand the power, performance and passion that is behind every Rinker boat.

As an added bonus, visitors received an exclusive sneak peek at our plans to revive one of Rinker’s most legendary models, the iconic 232. But you will have to stay tuned to our blog for more news on that…

After a month of elated responses from our dealers over the enhancement we have made, we are excited to share a look at the impressive improvements Rinker fans can expect to see in the 2017 model year:




With an updated interior, including contrasting marine mats and durable upholstery, it will be easy for your family to enjoy the comforts of the QX23 while out on a cruise.






Fitted with a modern media center, boat and music enthusiasts can rejoice together as they not only take advantage of the upgraded LED lighted speakers, but also utilize the USB outlets to keep their electronics charged while cruising to their favorite lake tunes.




A boat built for the weekend warrior, this beautiful vessel combines the best of both worlds: technology and comfort. With all new interior, you will appreciate the all new bamboo snap-in cockpit flooring and LED swim lights, to the high power subwoofer and powerful engine options, this boat was made for boating fanatics.





With a completely redesigned cabin, you will see a new layout, that includes a large bathroom with a shower door. You will also enjoy the upgraded upholstery, beautiful hardwood flooring and two flat screen TVs. This boat is the picture of Rinker Value.


Tell us what your favorite things are so far about the 2017 lines!